Decentralizing your cronjobs with Emphloyer

I have released another update of Emphloyer and Emphloyer-PDO, in this version I have done more work on the recently added scheduler that allows you to schedule jobs periodically like you would commands in the cron. One of the benefits of using Emphloyer in this manner is that any of the available worker machines will enqueue jobs according to the schedule, so if any of your machines running Emphloyer stops functioning others that are still up and running will continue to follow the schedule.

As with previous releases this is all pretty new functionality so it is not unlikely that you may find issues when putting it to work, if you experience any then please do report them on GitHub. Also there’s plenty of room for improvement (for example: right now you will have to write your own frontend to schedule jobs).

I hope that Emphloyer will be of use to other developers out there using PHP. Happy coding! 🙂

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