Introducing Emphloyer

There comes a time in the life of any web application that asynchronous job processing becomes a requirement (you don’t want to keep your web processes hanging on long running tasks slowing down your users after all). In the years that I worked a lot with Ruby (and Rails) I worked with and on a variety of frameworks that cater for this need such as delayed_job and resque, and at a time I even built one of myself as a side project: Employer.

Nowadays I work mostly with PHP and I wanted something similary flexible to Employer so I decided to redo it in PHP… and thus Emphloyer was born!

I hope that Emphloyer (and perhaps Employer as well) will be of use to other developers out there, if you’re interested go take a look on GitHub. I only just finished Emphloyer so it is not unlikely that you may find issues when putting it to work, if you experience any then please report them on GitHub. Happy coding!

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